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22 New Desktop-S CPUs, 8 New Laptop computer-H CPUs

When Intel launched its 12th Era Core household of processors late final yr, it was solely a small set of overclockable components for desktops that got here to market. That includes Intel’s new hybrid core design, the {hardware} proved aggressive and price efficient, making it a really fascinating time to be a shopper. Nevertheless, the primary battle for quantity gross sales is usually within the mid-range and pocket book segments which energy thousands and thousands of gadgets, and Intel is launching these processors at this time. These embody the 35 W and 65 W desktop processors, new desktop coolers, and a handful of 45W+ laptop computer choices for the creator and gaming markets.

New Desktop CPUs: {Hardware} for the Plenty

Whereas all of the glitz and the glamour goes to the high-profile overclockable processors in any given technology, the majority of Intel’s gross sales truly comes from the usual, run-of-the-mill {hardware} that will get put into the vast majority of business and pre-built {hardware}. To that finish, Intel often releases anyplace from 10 to 50+ new desktop processors to fill within the markets the place wanted. These processors often come from something as much as 4 base bodily designs, and components of these chips are disabled relying on yield or market demand and offered accordingly.

For Alder Lake, Intel is launching 22 new desktop processors, from $42 twin core Celerons at 35W all the way in which as much as $489 Core i9-12900 components. The total stack, together with the overclockable processors, now seems to be like this:

Intel twelfth Gen Core, Alder Lake
AnandTech Cores






IGP Base



Core i9
i9-12900K 8+8 2400 3900 3200 5200 30 770 125 241 $589
i9-12900KF 8+8 2400 3900 3200 5200 30 125 241 $564
i9-12900 8+8 1800 3800 2400 5100 30 770 65 202 $489
i9-12900F 8+8 1800 3800 2400 5100 30 65 202 $464
i9-12900T 8+8 1000 3600 1400 4900 30 770 35 106 $489
Core i7
i7-12700K 8+4 2700 3800 3600 5000 25 770 125 190 $409
i7-12700KF 8+4 2700 3800 3600 5000 25 125 190 $384
i7-12700 8+4 1600 3600 2100 4900 25 770 65 180 $339
i7-12700F 8+4 1600 3600 2100 4900 25 65 180 $314
i7-12700T 8+4 1000 3400 1400 4700 25 770 35 99 $339
Core i5
i5-12600K 6+4 2800 3600 3700 4900 20 770 125 150 $289
i5-12600KF 6+4 2800 3600 3700 4900 20 125 150 $264
i5-12600 6+0 3300 4800 18 770 65 117 $223
i5-12600T 6+0 2100 4600 18 770 35 74 $223
i5-12500 6+0 3000 4600 18 770 65 117 $202
i5-12500T 6+0 2000 4400 18 770 35 74 $202
i5-12400 6+0 2500 4400 18 730 65 117 $192
i5-12400F 6+0 2500 4400 18 65 117 $167
i5-12400T 6+0 1800 4200 18 730 35 74 $192
Core i3
i3-12300 4+0 3500 4400 12 730 60 89 $143
i3-12300T 4+0 2300 4200 12 730 35 69 $143
i3-12100 4+0 3300 4300 12 730 60 89 $122
i3-12100F 4+0 3300 4300 12 58 89 $97
i3-12100T 4+0 2200 4100 12 730 35 69 $122
Pentium + Celeron
G7400 2+0 3700 6 710 46 $64
G7400T 2+0 3100 6 710 35 $64
G6900 2+0 3400 4 710 46 $42
G6900T 2+0 2800 4 710 35 $42

Break up down, right here’s what all of the Core names imply:

  • Core i9: 8 Efficiency Cores + 8 Effectivity Cores
  • Core i7: 8 Efficiency Cores + 4 Effectivity Cores
  • Core i5: Both 6P+4E, or 6P solely
  • Core i3: 4 Efficiency Cores solely
  • Pentium: 2 Efficiency Cores solely
  • Celeron: 2 Efficiency Cores solely

Simply placing Core i5 apart for a break up second, what we’ve got here’s a scale of {hardware} that adjustments in efficiency cores, however solely a choose few have effectivity cores. It is because Intel is utilizing two base bodily designs for this {hardware}: both a big 8P+8E chip or a smaller 6P solely chip. The smaller chip makes the economics of the decrease core rely processors work out higher, however it does imply that one of many key options for Alder Lake, the hybrid CPU, will likely be restricted to the high-end {hardware} solely.

The Core i5 {hardware} is a bit odd within the center, because the i5-12600K/KF processors use the massive chip, whereas every part else within the Core i5 household makes use of the smaller chip with no effectivity cores. In consequence we see some Core i5 components with 20 MB of L3 cache, and a few solely with 18 MB. It’s going to be fascinating to see how a lot these effectivity cores and additional cache brings to the desk on the subject of efficiency and efficiency per greenback.

As with earlier processor launches from Intel, something with an F implies that it doesn’t have built-in graphics, and something with a T means a 35 W base energy. As a result of Intel readjusted the way it presents turbo energy for this technology (one thing we’re actually glad Intel did), we will see that the highest Core i9-12900T has a base energy of 35 W and a turbo energy of 106 W. In earlier generations, that second quantity was obfuscated in technical paperwork, so it’s good to see it out within the open.

All of the processors right here help DDR5-4800 and DDR4-3200 reminiscence, together with 16 PCIe 5.0 lanes and 4 PCIe 4.0 lanes. With a purpose to present an economical platform for these processors, Intel can also be launching new motherboard chipsets.

Up to now Intel launched the Z690 motherboards, however at this time we additionally get H670, B660, and H610 choices. As with earlier generations, these price range designs begin slicing away at what is obtainable, all the way in which right down to H610 which solely helps one reminiscence channel, PCIe 3.0 solely, solely 4 SATA ports, and no USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 ports.

It’s value noting that H670 and B660 differ in two key features that some customers will care about. B660 is the decrease grade, with half the CPU-to-chipset bandwidth, and solely 4 SATA ports. For customers taking a look at greater than a single PCIe M.2 storage drive, or a number of SATA drives, there could also be an occasion the place the chipset hyperlink turns into a bottleneck, so be careful for that. Usually the B-series chipset is cheaper for motherboard producers to make use of, so it will likely be fascinating to see how the distributors break up their choices.

Alongside CPUs and motherboards, Intel is refreshing its inventory CPU coolers for the primary time in a very long time. It has been exhausting to not discover how a lot success AMD has had with its in-box coolers, providing a $30-$50 add-on free of charge that’s truly half first rate – Intel has considerably uncared for this. However that adjustments at this time with the brand new Intel Laminar coolers. These coolers will include all 65 W base energy boxed Alder Lake processors.

The Core i9 components, which have turbo powers as much as 202 W, will get the Laminar RH1. This comes with RGB lighting, a larger-than-standard copper core, and ‘close to silent’ efficiency. The connectors onto the motherboard contain screws and a backplate.

The Core i3, i5, and i7 components, which have turbo powers as much as 180 W, will get the RM1 coolers. These are extra normal Intel dimension in top, makes use of the extra conventional Intel push-pin association. No RGB right here, however a push for ‘quiet efficiency’. Intel doesn’t state if there may be copper or an all-aluminium design.

The Pentium and Celeron components, which don’t have turbo and are listed at 46 W, get the RS1 cooler. It has easier design, doubtless all-aluminium, however a brand new fin association with that new Intel emblem. There’s no pretense right here about RGB or noise, given it’s constructed for a budget finish of the market.

These new Alder Lake processors are anticipated to be obtainable at retail this week, together with the brand new motherboards and coolers.

Notebooks for Alder Lake: H-Sequence

On the cellular facet of Intel’s portfolio, the corporate splits its providing into completely different components based mostly available on the market: U-series goes as much as 15 W for contemporary skinny and light-weight designs, P-series as much as 28 W allows one thing sooner and extra premium, and the H-series beginning at 45W go for mixed CPU+discrete GPU gaming and workstation designs. Immediately Intel is launching the H-series a part of the portfolio, constructed on a base 6P+8E silicon design.

With Alder Lake-H, Intel is reintroducing its Hybrid CPU design to the laptop computer market. This implies Intel’s newest excessive efficiency Golden Cove P-cores and excessive effectivity Gracemont E-cores, all constructed on the Intel 7 manufacturing course of. Contained in the H-series CPU consists of the cores, a full 96 EUs of Intel Xe-LP graphics, help for as much as 4 Thunderbolt 4 ports, reminiscence help for DDR5, LPDDR5, DDR4, and LPDDR4X, and an array of PCIe, USB, and wi-fi connectivity choices. Intel’s large win right here for this technology is combining each the CPU and the chipset onto one package deal for its 45 W processors, relatively than counting on a cellular chipset.

On the processor choices, Intel has 8 fashions to showcase, though the slide decks we got are actually restricted in particulars. We now have core counts, cache sizes, peak frequencies, and base energy, however particulars about peak energy and base frequencies had been surprisingly absent.

Intel twelfth Gen Core, Alder Lake-H
AnandTech Cores





i9-12900HK 6P + 8E = 20T ? 5000 45 ?
i9-12900H 6P + 8E = 20T ? 5000 45 ?
i7-12800H 6P + 8E = 20T ? 4800 45 ?
i7-12700H 6P + 8E = 20T ? 4700 45 ?
i7-12650H 6P + 4E = 16T ? 4700 45 ?
i5-12600H 4P + 8E = 16T ? 4500 45 ?
i5-12500H 4P + 8E = 16T ? 4500 45 ?
i5-12450H 4P + 4E = 12T ? 4400 45 ?

On the high is the Core i9-12900HK, the Okay that means that the chip is overclockable. Truly the naming for this technology is simple sufficient to observe: Core i9 and Core i7 have 6P cores, whereas the Core i5 has 4P cores. Every part has 8E cores, until the fourth and fifth digit is a 50, e.g. i7-12650H. Chances are you’ll assume I’m joking after I say that is simpler to grasp than earlier generations, however belief me after I say it’s. Not excellent, however simpler.

Intel says it has over 100 designs utilizing Alder-H within the pipeline from all of its main companions, all the way in which from 35W moveable as much as 65W+ halo fanatic. On the efficiency facet at that high-end, Intel is claiming as much as +28% higher gaming efficiency at 1080p Excessive in comparison with the final technology and the competitors, in addition to something as much as +44% on content material creation. This consists of comparisons in opposition to the M1 Max.

We’re anticipating to see numerous these notebooks be introduced this week, so maintain your eyes peeled for that. It’s somewhat odd to not see Intel launch Alder-P or Alder-U, particularly because it seems to be like Alder-U will likely be a 2P+8E configuration, whereas we will get Zen-U methods with 8P cores. That’ll be an fascinating comparsion.



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