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High 5 Causes That Sabotage Your Weight Loss

We frequently see numerous our purchasers pissed off with their weight reduction. They fight actually laborious to keep away from sweet, sugary drinks and soda however they nonetheless don’t get the outcomes they’d like. It’s really easy to get pissed off and need to throw within the towel altogether. Whereas food regimen tradition might have influenced you to assume that you just’re a failure for those who don’t stick with a sure food regimen or method of consuming, reducing weight is a lot extra than simply counting energy and exercising. This text will replicate upon probably the most commons weight reduction errors that we are inclined to make.

It’s a whole psychological shift to start out pondering of your weight reduction as a journey and take your entire well being into consideration – beginning with maintaining a healthy diet, nutrient-dense meals, getting common train, getting a minimum of 6-8 hours of high quality sleep, supporting your psychological well being and most of all believing in your self and your skill to reduce weight and hold it off. 

High 5 Causes That Sabotage Your Weight Loss

1. Hidden Sugar

You is perhaps attempting to keep away from many sugary meals and don’t understand that there’s a lot of hidden sugar in lots of the meals you see on the cabinets of a grocery store.

The American Coronary heart Affiliation recommends consuming not more than 9 teaspoons (36 grams or 150 energy) for males and not more than 6 teaspoons (25 grams or 100 energy) for girls per day. Listed below are some examples of the meals which have added sugar that may sabotage your weight reduction objectives: pasta sauce, salad dressings, condiments like ketchup, yogurt, cottage cheese and lots of snack bars. 

For instance, you’re working late for work and don’t have time to make your breakfast. You undergo a Starbucks drive by way of to get some espresso (Venti Caramel Macchiato has whopping 42.1 grams of sugar (about 11 teaspoons) or Venti Chai Tea Latte (52 grams of sugar round 13 teaspoons) and then you definately seize a cinnamon raisin bagel (11 grams of sugar) or a blueberry muffin (20 grams of sugar).

Let’s do some fast math: 

  • Starbucks Venti Caramel Macchiato – 42.1 grams of sugar 
  • Starbucks Blueberry Muffin – 20 grams of sugar 

Complete: 42.1 + 20 = 62.1 grams of sugar (14.8 teaspoons of sugar) only for breakfast. You’ll be able to see the place it’s simple to devour an excessive amount of sugar earlier than you even get to your lunch and sabotage your weight reduction objectives. 

2. Consuming a Huge Meal at Night time

We see purchasers usually make this widespread weight reduction mistake by consuming their dinner late at evening and make it the most important meal of the day. Ideally, it’s best to eat a smaller dinner and round 5 or 6 p.m. Something we don’t burn for gasoline inside three hours will get saved as physique fats. As well as, consuming extremely processed, sugary meals will result in blood sugar points and make it tougher to reduce weight and hold it off.

We frequently develop some unhealthy coping habits and eat numerous salty and sugary snacks whereas watching TV. The best method to assist right this unhealthy behavior is to just be sure you inventory your pantry with some wholesome snacks and eliminate sugary, salty and extremely processed snacks. 

It’s very simple to overeat and devour too many energy at evening. In case you are nonetheless hungry after dinner, select some low glycemic and low carb snacks, corresponding to a handful of berries or contemporary veggies with a tablespoon or two of hummus to fulfill your nighttime cravings. In case you are feeling burdened at evening, observe some mindfulness methods that will help you handle stress higher. When you discover that you’re coping with stress and anxiousness by overeating, discover a psychological well being counselor or a psychologist that may aid you cope with unfavourable feelings. All of us undergo tough instances in our lives and may want some further assist.

It’s additionally an awesome thought to go for a stroll after your dinner to assist transfer your physique and burn further energy. You’ll additionally be capable to sleep higher and have extra vitality the following day.

Listed below are some nice meals concepts to have at evening:

  • Salad 
  • Soup with some multigrain crackers or toast
  • Smoothie 
  • Multigrain wrap with some hen and veggies

3. Weight Loss Mindset

Top Five Reasons That Sabotage Your Weight Loss- HealthifyMe

Losing a few pounds is a lot extra than simply counting energy and exercising. Your mindset is essential to reaching your well being and wellness objectives. 

Optimum well being actually begins with a optimistic psychological angle. Analysis research present that the ideas and feelings we really feel regularly decide to a really massive extent the extent of well being we expertise, in addition to the standard of our lives. Life is filled with occasions which are past our management, however we do have full management over our responses to those occasions. Our angle goes a good distance in figuring out how we view and reply to all the challenges of life. All of us can be a lot happier, more healthy, and far more profitable if we undertake a optimistic psychological angle quite than a unfavourable view.

One other widespread weight reduction mistake is our mindset. Research present that people with a unfavourable angle have poorer well being, are susceptible to anxiousness and despair, are extra frequent customers of medical and psychological well being care, and present extra decline in reminiscence and mind perform.

While you undertake a optimistic mindset, you’ll be capable to attain your weight reduction objectives sooner. Listed below are some quotes that will help you undertake a optimistic mindset: 

  • “Immediately, I selected to be probably the most lovely model of myself, in and out.” – Unknown
  • “I’m resilient and might get by way of something.” – Unknown
  • “You’ll by no means change your life till you alter one thing you do day by day. The key of your success is present in your day by day routine.” – John Maxwell
  • “Be pleased with what you could have, whereas working for what you need.” – Hellen Keller
  • “Concentrate on the entire step in entrance of you, not the entire staircase.” – Unknown
  • “There’s not failure. You both win otherwise you be taught.” – Unknown
  • “Discuss to your self like somebody you’re keen on.” – Brene Brown
  • “We will select braveness or we will select consolation, however we will’t have each. Not on the similar time.” – Brene Brown

We all the time encourage our purchasers to get out of the weight-reduction plan mindset and fast repair diets, and implement new more healthy habits to assist reduce weight and keep it. Listed below are some issues to bear in mind as you are attempting to vary your mindset on the subject of weight reduction:

  • Attempt for progress, not perfection
  • Count on defeats, however by no means give up
  • Preserve a gratitude journal 
  • Discover an accountability associate
  • Have a good time your wins 

4. Stress

Stress impacts all areas of our well being and particularly your weight reduction. When you’re chronically burdened, it might probably result in imbalanced blood sugar and excessive cortisol which contributes to larger fats storage and can have an effect on your physique’s resistance of weight reduction. This not directly makes up for the following weight reduction mistake, that one could make.

Everyone knows that it’s nearly not possible to keep away from stress in your life. Studying to calm the thoughts and physique is essential in lowering stress. One of many best strategies for anybody to be taught are rest workouts.

The principle objective of rest methods is to provide a physiological response referred to as a rest response – a response that’s precisely the other to the stress response that prompts the parasympathetic nervous system.

The parasympathetic nervous system controls bodily capabilities such respiratory, digestion, and coronary heart price during times of relaxation, visualization, rest, meditation and sleep. Though the sympathetic nervous system is designed to guard us towards hazard, the parasympathetic system is designed for restore, upkeep, and therapeutic of our physique. 

We frequently undertake unfavourable coping patterns when coping with stress:

  • Overeating
  • An excessive amount of TV and cellphone scrolling
  • Overspending
  • Extreme conduct
  • Emotional outbursts
  • Emotions of unhappiness and helplessness
  • Dependence on chemical compounds: medication, alcohol, tobacco/nicotene

After we undertake unfavourable coping mechanisms corresponding to overeating, it is going to usually sabotage our weight reduction objectives. I all the time educate my purchasers to be taught one of the crucial well-liked methods for producing a rest response is progressive rest. In progressive rest, an individual is taught what it feels prefer to loosen up by evaluating rest with muscle rigidity. 

The essential method is to contract a muscle for a brief time frame (one to 2 seconds) after which loosen up that muscle. Proceed the method whereas going by way of all of the muscle mass of your physique, which progressively produces a deep state of rest. You begin along with your face and end along with your toes. This entire course of is repeated two or thrice. 

Don’t overlook to take a minimum of 10-Half-hour a day to observe mindfulness and destress. A few of nice methods to do it are day by day walks, deep respiratory, progressive rest, meditation, dancing, spending high quality time with your loved ones, studying a ebook, coloring, therapeutic massage, deep respiratory, yoga, and tai chi. A few of my favourite meditation apps are Calm, Perception Timer, Headspace and Inscape. 

5. Not Sufficient Sleep for Weight Loss

Sleep is tremendous vital for our optimum well being and wellness. Sleep points and sleep deprivation can wreak havoc on psychological and bodily perform. Many well being points, particularly despair, diabetes, weight problems, cardiovascular points, and persistent fatigue are both solely or partially related to sleep deprivation. 

You need to attempt to get a minimum of 6-8 hours of sleep per evening. The American Journal of Epidemiology discovered that sleep-deprived persons are extra more likely to crave sugary meals and have elevated danger of diabetes, coronary heart illness, hypertension, and cognitive decline. A poor evening of relaxation will increase one among your stress hormones known as cortisol, which slows down the manufacturing of your development hormone. Your development hormone performs an vital position in your metabolism. 

A poor evening of sleep additionally impacts your insulin sensitivity because it happens at evening. Your physique turns into extra sensitivity to insulin throughout sleep. For instance, only one single evening of sleep deprivation causes a 40% discount in your skill to deal with glucose which may result in weight acquire and blood sugar points. 

Sleep can also be vital for the manufacturing of your development hormone. Progress hormone will increase our lean physique mass. It additionally helps us burn fats for gasoline. Progress hormone improves bone mineral density, blood sugar regulation, liver regeneration, and general protects our physique from getting old. That is another reason why we have to prioritize sleep to optimize our hormones. 

As well as, sleep deprivation can even have an effect on your hormone manufacturing (estrogen, progesterone and testosterone). Research present that girls are inclined to require extra sleep than males.

Listed below are some nice sleep suggestions: 

  • Preserve your bed room cool and darkish earlier than bedtime
  • Eat nutrient-dense meals to assist your sleep and to steadiness blood sugar
  • Keep away from display time for 1-2 hours earlier than mattress.
  • Spend 10-Half-hour outdoors within the morning to reset your circadian rhythm
  • Spend just a little little bit of time with out screens upon waking
  • Stability your blood sugar and obtain optimum weight
  • Take a day break
  • Take a break from social media
  • Prioritize sleep
  • Follow lively rest and meditations 
  • Write down your worries and to-do listing earlier than going to your bed room 
  • Take a soothing tub with magnesium salts
  • Purpose to train a minimum of 15-Half-hour a day

When you begin prioritizing your sleep, you’ll be capable to attain your weight reduction objectives sooner. 


Weight reduction is a journey and it takes time to reduce weight and enhance your metabolism. Don’t surrender! Preserve shifting ahead! Being laborious on your self places your physique into an anxiousness state, which will increase your stress hormones like cortisol and might additional result in meals cravings and overeating. Embrace your imperfections and encourage your self from a spot of affection. 

Most significantly, for those who want assist, steerage and accountability, our HealthifyMe coaches could be completely happy to get you began in your weight reduction journey. Don’t wrestle alone! Join in the present day to get began along with your well being and wellness objectives. 

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