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Myths about Underarm Roll On – The Pure Wash

Once we discuss deodorants, many questions come into our minds. Ranging from when is one of the best time to use it? Does Roll-On, Stick, or Spray have any distinction? Which sort of deodorant is long-lasting? Fortunately this situation might be tackled with TNW- The Pure Wash Underarm Roll On Deodorant. This deodorant is protected for each lady’s pores and skin kind, regardless of their age. It’s a must-have in your physique care routine. Additionally, not solely retains BO (physique odor) at bay but additionally provides you clean and even-toned underarms.

Regardless of their quite a few benefits, ladies are nonetheless cautious of utilizing Underarm Roll-Ons because of a number of misconceptions. So, at the moment, we have determined to debunk the commonest roll-on myths in order that you do not fall sufferer to them.

Fantasy 1: Underarm Roll On Deodorant causes a burning sensation on freshly shaved pores and skin

Everyone knows that shaving is likely one of the quickest methods to eliminate undesirable underarm hair. However have you learnt that freshly shaved pores and skin can typically trigger a burning sensation? Here is why – your underarm pores and skin is delicate, and shaving removes the protecting layer on high together with the hair, leaving it delicate. Thankfully, you may simply keep away from it by both utilizing a shaving foam or TNW Pure Aloe Vera gel and following it up utilizing a Underarm Roll On Deodorant that does not comprise alcohol.

Fantasy 2: Underarm Roll On Deodorant causes underarm darkening

Many individuals declare that making use of Roll-On Deodorant could make your underarm pores and skin darker. However reality states that shaving, scratching, and pores and skin circumstances may end up in darker underarm pores and skin. In some instances, it will also be genetic. Additionally, deeper pores and skin tones usually tend to develop hyperpigmentation within the underarm space. It’s at all times advisable to search for moisturizing and nourishing properties in any roll-on. TNW- The Pure Wash Underarm Roll On has a lightweight and quick-absorbing formulation with no harsh chemical compounds, parabens, and alcohol. It does not trigger any negative effects in your delicate underarm pores and skin.

Fantasy 3: Underarm Roll On Deodorants make the pores and skin sticky

Ladies complain that Roll On Deodorants leaves their armpits sticky after 2-3 software. Nonetheless, you would be shocked to know that if you happen to use an excessive amount of, your armpits will really feel sticky and uncomfortable even after letting it dry.

Here is when TNW Underarm Roll On Deodorant comes into the image. Its light-weight and quick-absorbing formulation glide easily to evenly type a protecting layer round your delicate underarms pores and skin for 10 to 12 hours. This Pure Deodorant leaves your pores and skin feeling contemporary and smooth in a single glide. 

Fantasy 4: Underarm Roll On Deodorant stain your garments

Are your dark-colored garments or white shirts pale or discolored from the underarm space? Nonetheless, the reality is discoloration normally happens when the salts in sweat encounter the elements, forsaking a yellowish stain. The easiest way to decide on the appropriate physique care product like TNW’s Underarm Roll On Deodorant, which has a water consistency that shortly absorbs into the pores and skin, leaving no white residue behind.  

 Tip: Let the formulation dry fully earlier than placing it in your garments. 


It is time to debunk all of the above-mentioned myths and get your palms on one RN! Whether or not Summer season or Winter, you should maintain your Roll-On shut if you wish to keep away from these sticky, smelly conditions. So, look no additional; TNW Underarm Roll-On is on the rescue to maintain you smelling contemporary with out damaging your delicate underarm pores and skin.



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